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We just love Wella Professionals' Fusion, their first intensive hair recovery and repair system for truly overworked hair, featuring new SILKSTEEL FUSION PROGRAM.

'Fusion gives your hair such a silky smooth finish,' says salon owner Georgina. 'It's proving to be really popular in the salon and we have a range of products for clients to take home too. We love it!'

The new deep hair repair treatment provides instant and long lasting results allowing Grace Hair & Beauty clients to recapture optimum hair strength, protection and performance. And, the accompanying at home regimen extends the results of a salon-fresh hair between salon appointments.

Here's the technical bit…

SILKSTEEL FUSION PROGRAM with amino acids takes inspiration from nature’s own strongest fiber - spider silk - and penetrates hair down to the cortex. Deep within the hair it refills worn hair fibre to optimum condition, leaving hair up to 95% more resilient to breakage. Hair cuticles are protected and sealed against free radical damage and mechanical damage while instant conditioners leave it primed for hairbrushes and tools to glide through.

Wella Professionals NEW Fusion’s premium line up offers a unique care solution. It allows clients to fully combat the exertion they inflict on their hair as they experiment, play and reinvent their style. NEW Fusion works on fashionably longer, often stressed hair lengths, as well as shorter styles, countering heat fatigue, chemical fatigue and daily environmental challenges.

To evoke the elegance of a luxurious pampering setting, nine carefully selected scents form the NEW Fusion by Wella Professionals fragrance range exude the top notes of floriental wood punctuated by the warm, woody and nutty base notes of Cedarwood and Sandalwood for a sophisticated finish.

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